Scanner and Software Support

RapID Lab uses industry standard 2D Datamatrix codes that are compliant to the ISO/IEC 16022 standard. These codes are ‘readable’ with myriad scanners available today that are able to read the datamatrix symbology. RapID lab allows customers to choose the reader that best suits their needs (for example, some customers already own a barcode scanner and therefore do not need to purchase another). We have conducted testing with specific scanners made by CODE Corporation and are happy to provide the following information on how to configure the scanner to best work with the RapID Tags. RapID Lab strongly recommends customers purchase the CR1500 or CR3600 if they do not presently own a scanner that works with RapID Tags. These scanners may be purchased from our web-store.

Once you have obtained your scanner, select your setup from the list of configurations below and follow the guidance documents provided to program your scanner to work with the computer and software configuration:

List of Documents:

  1. For CODE CR1400
    1. Setting up CODE CR1400 for RapID Tags as a USB keyboard
    2. Setting up CODE CR1400 for RapID Tags as a Virtual COM Port
    3. Configuring Studylog V2 Software for CR1400
    4. Configuring Studylog V3 Software for CR1400
    5. Configuring Instem Provantis Software for CR1400
  2. For CODE CR1500
    1. Setting up CODE 1500 for RapID Tags as a USB Keyboard
    2. Setting up CODE 1500 for RapID Tags as a Virtual COM
    3. Configuring Studylog V3 Software for CR1500
    4. Switching Between VCOM and USB Keyboard for CR1500
  3. For CODE CR3600
    1. Setting up CODE 3600 for RapID Tags as a USB Keyboard
    2. Setting up CODE 3600 for RapID Tags as a Virtual COM
    3. Configuring Studylog V3 Software for CR3600

CODE Scanner Support:

In addition, you may find useful information for the CODE CR1500 and CR3600 scanner on the CODE Website.

Other Scanners and software configurations:

Your computer, OS, database software, and/or scanner may differ from those tested by RapID Lab. While RapID Lab cannot provide individual support for unique cases, we offer the following information to assist customers in configuring a unique system. Scanners typically will need to have the following settings programmed or activated in order to read RapID Tag codes:

  • Inverse Data Matrix
  • Rectangular Data Matrix

Please refer to your scanner documentation for information on programming or activating the settings above. Like the CODE scanners, many scanners may be programmed by simply scanning bar codes or symbols from the product’s user manual.

Most database software will require the installation or use of a virtual COM port if your scanner is a USB based scanner.

Further Support

The information provided on this page contains all of the known and tested configurations at this time. It is very likely that you may be able to use the information contained here in order to configure your computer and study software to enable automated animal identification, but we are unable to provide custom software development or hardware troubleshooting at this time. Please refer to your scanner manufacturer, software provider, or internal IT department for assistance setting up your specific system to enable automated animal identification.

RapID Lab, Inc. provides the information on this page as-is and without liability or warranty. This support page is updated frequently so check back often.

If you have a specific scanner or database that you have successfully setup, please contact us and let us know so that we may include it in our documentation.