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We manufacture and sell RapID Tags®, the new industry standard in automated lab animal ID. RapID Tags help researchers take their workflow automation to the next level. We are dedicated to advancing laboratory practices by providing 21st century technology solutions to leading laboratories worldwide. read more


Real Support

Our team's number one goal is to ensure that you are getting a solution that works best for YOU. Contact us to find out if RapID Tags can help reduce your laboratory administrative and operating costs by increasing both the accuracy and efficiency of managing day-to-day workflow. read more


More Humane

RapID Tag’s gentle application protocol and ultra-lightweight design significantly reduce stress on laboratory rodents as compared to other animal identification methods. RapID Tags are virtually painless to the animals and require no anesthesia. read more



RapID Tags integrate well with all leading database management platforms, and Excel, providing the user with powerful automation potential. With RapID Tags, data can be viewed in real time from the moment animals are enrolled in a study, all without picking up a pen, saving time, eliminating errors, and reducing costs.  read more

Cutting-Edge New Product

RapID Tags are humane, automated, mini-eartags providing fast and accurate identification for lab animals. The hardened 2-D barcode scans instantly with 100% accuracy providing millions of unique IDs. Multiple colors allow immediate secondary (visual) identification without scanning. RapID Tags are totally MRI and autoclave compatible, and are minimally invasive (no surgery required). RapID Tags are the new, cost-effective, smart solution for automated lab animal identification.

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RapID Tags are used by leading pharmaceutical organizations around the world.

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