RapID Tags®

One Small Change - Massive Benefits

The Best Way To Identify Your Lab Animals

RapID Tags are the small change you can make to your lab that can increase productivity, accelerate study throughput and reduce errors in your research. RapID Tags are:


Zero errors and less time to input data


You can tell cage mates, dosing groups, etc. apart


So you can easily apply them in seconds

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Labs that have improved productivity and reduced errors with RapID Tags

Lab Automation with RapID Lab

RapID Lab is dedicated to making laboratory automation painless so you can reap the rewards of increased productivity, increased trial capacity, and reduced errors… all with minimal investment.

Lifetime Customer Support

As a RapID Lab customer, our dedicated team will be there every step of the way, from integration to maintenance. We are here for any question you may have.

RapID Tags are the More Humane Option

You can improve the lives of your lab animals with RapID Tags. They are virtually painless, require no anesthesia, have a gentle application protocol, and an ultra-lightweight design.

Easy Integration With Your Database

Whether you are using Excel or a robust vivarium management software for your data collection, RapID Tags are easy to integrate. RapID Tag’s instant scannability allows you to manage your colonies and data collection in real time.

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