Included below are RapID Tag's frequently asked questions. If you still need assistance, please submit a support ticket.

The RapID Tags Product Guide is the first resource for the important information needed to properly use the tags. The guide contains a detailed description of the RapID Tags, including their packaging, application, removal and use along with clear and colored diagrams for reference. It includes guidelines for introducing the tags to your facility, as well as self-certification criteria to ensure that all team members are properly trained on how to use the tags. You can find the RapID Tags Product Guide on our website which can be easily downloaded as a PDF or printed to share with the team. Additionally, a web-based tutorial video provides clear, step-by-step directions for the application, use and removal of the tags.

This page details the best methods for setting up a scanner to use with RapID Tags. There are different documents to configure your scanner.

This tool can create color labels that match a RapID Tag and can be scanned. Use for everything associated with the lab animals like cage card labels, specimen IDs, reports, etc. By scanning a lab animal ID tag or series of tags, you will be able to create unique labels based on the complete ID string.

We always recommend that labs eventually switch to a dedicated vivarium or study management software, but until you do we have provided this easy to use template. This pre-formatted template is the perfect place to collect all lab animal data. After a short bit of preparation, simply scan the RapID Tags and the fields will automatically populate as you go.

Just as it sounds, this PDF shows photographic evidence substantiating RapID Tags compatibility with both CT and MRI scanning equipment.

Download our IACUC SOP template for vivarium use. Feel free to modify to the specific laboratory’s standards.

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