RapID Tag Label Generator

This application is meant to generate labels that contain the Tag color, Data matrix symbol, & Alphanumeric ID for any RapID Tag that is scanned into the application. Examples of label uses include:

  • Cage card labels – save time with inventory and other day to day activities by scanning the cage card label instead of each mouse.
  • Specimen identification – use to label specimens, samples, reports, etc… related to an animal.

The application creates a PDF file that will print 0.5” x 1.5” labels onto the following label sheet available from OnlineLabels.com (opens in new window) Please be sure to purchase the appropriate labels for your printer (laser or inkjet).

To use the application, simply click in the first desired label field and scan or type in a RapID Tag. Once the application receives an entire ID string, it will automatically advance to the next label field. Continue inputting IDs until you are finished with all desired animals and then select “Create labels” to generate a PDF file for printing on any color printer loaded with the label stock above.

(opens in new window)