In my 30+ years’ experience in Bio-Pharma research, I've found every ID approach had problems. Rapid Tags have proven to be more humane, comfortable and easier to use than any other method. A significant innovation in ID technology.

- Chief Scientific Officer & VP

I have really liked using the RapID tags. I have actually convinced another department here to use them as well and have recently set up another scanner. The tags also work well with Studylog.

- Researcher, Biotech Company

The RapID tags have been extremely helpful in making it easy to identify each mouse quickly and accurately. This has been beneficial for all of us assisting with the study as it runs through weekends and holidays. RapID tags have eliminated the need to try to decipher metal ear tags (which are not being used on this study due to compatibility issues with imaging equipment) and most footpad tattoos.

- Manager, Pharmaceutical Research Company

We found the RapID tags to be user friendly, easy to apply after a few minutes of practice, and very practical in terms of quickly identifying animals in their cages. Not having to take the animals out of their cages to ID them is a definite perk.

- Manager, Pharmaceutical Research Company

Labs that have improved productivity and reduced errors with RapID Tags