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Why Choose Us

RapID Lab believes in providing real value for researchers. There are four areas in which they help laboratories improve their processes

1 Speed & Accuracy
By allowing labs to do their work faster and with greater precision, everyone benefits. The level of automation afforded by RapID Tags let researchers scan their animals in less than a second. It's a 100% accurate process that greatly reduces errors. This means they can stay on target, and not have to repeat work because of mistakes borne of mislabeling or improper interpretation of an animal ID tag. Furthermore, the process is easy to learn and teach, so researchers can implement it facility wide if they so choose..
2 Humane Treatment
Treating animals humanely should be a priority. Other products are needlessly invasive, can cause pain and suffering to lab animals, frequently result in infection, can cause unforeseen ailments, and often lead to a loss in time and money. RapID tags are lightweight and easy to apply. It is a virtually painless process that requires no anesthesia, reduces the possibility of harmful infections, and does not cause added stress to the test subjects.
3 Continued Support
RapID Lab duty doesn't just end after they've made a sale. The priority is to ensure that the RapID Tags solution works for customers. This means helping them implement the system in a way that will enable them to reduce administrative and operating costs. The RapID Lab team is knowledgeable, and will provide process support on all aspects of study management. They seek to help clients increase the accuracy and efficiency of their daily workflow in a manner they may have never thought possible. They provide a scanner for the tags, printable support guides, pre-formatted databases, and a library of setups for clients to get started with using the tags.
4 Data Management Solutions
RapID Tags were designed to integrate well with all leading database management platforms, including Excel. This allows the automation process to work smoothly and improve workflow. With automated ID tags, data can be viewed in real time from the moment animals are enrolled in a study. Most customers don't even have to pick up a pen to jot down data. This saves time, eliminates errors, and reduces costs.


Our Mission

RapID Lab’s mission is to provide research laboratories with proven, leading-edge solutions for automated, humane lab animal identification.

RapID Lab is the dedicated manufacturer of RapID Tags®. It is their goal to advance laboratory practices by providing 21st century technology solutions to leading laboratories worldwide. For years, they have committed themselves to serving researchers and scientists with innovative products. It is their belief that through the use of better technology, researchers can refine their process to produce better results. They strive to give them the tools to complete their work quickly, and with unparalleled accuracy. Their peerless staff works tirelessly to provide their clients with the best in equipment, training, and support. They incorporate multiple approaches in the service of our greater goal.

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Meet Our Team

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    RapID Lab's Hope for Customers

      Leading pharmaceutical organizations around the world use RapID Lab products to conduct their research. The hope is to add even more to the growing list of satisfied clients. Potential clients are welcome to peruse the site, and learn about the myriad of ways in which automated lab animal RapID Tags can improve their business and facilities.

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