RapID Lab Exhibits At AALAS 2013 Trade Show In Baltimore

Posted on November 8, 2013

Rapid Lab introduced its RapID Tags product at the 2013 AALAS trade show in Baltimore to hundreds of interested potential new customers. “The show was a success beyond our expectations” said Mr. Swope, RapID Lab’s President, who confirmed that over 300 organizations stopped by the RapID Lab booth to get first-hand experience with RapID Tags.

Swope, along with Michael Moshier, RapID Lab’s CEO, could be found wearing black mouse ears while interacting with interested visitors to their booth. They attribute the company’s phenomenal success at the show to the booth hand-outs (a small fuzzy, squeaky toy mouse with an actual RapID Tag in its ear), and the RapID Tag scanning game challenge which had both visitors returning throughout the day to better their scores. And unable to hide their smiles, Swope and Moshier believe the mouse ears played a significant role in disarming potential customers and attracting them to their booth.

The AALAS show represents the first time RapID Tags were officially introduced to the lab animal industry. “We are thrilled with the response from customers” said Swope and Moshier. Now the team needs to get busy following up on all of the leads.

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