RapID Lab Signs First European Distributor

Posted on February 19, 2014

Menlo Park, CA – RapID Lab, Inc. is pleased to announce signing a key distributor agreement with AgnTho’s AB based in Sweden as a reseller of RapID Tags. The agreement between the two companies provides for the marketing and sales of RapID Tags and associated products into the Baltics, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, France and the U.K.

Cutting-Edge New Product
RapID Tags are humane, automated, mini-ear tags providing fast and accurate identification for lab animals. The hardened 2-D barcode scans instantly with 100% accuracy providing millions of unique IDs. Multiple colors allow immediate secondary (visual) identification without scanning. RapID Tags are totally MRI and autoclave compatible, and are minimally invasive (no surgery required). RapID Tags are the new, cost-effective, smart solution for automated, small lab animal identification.

Rapid Tags are currently being sold directly by RapID Lab to commercial, government and academic organizations in several countries around the world. The distributor relationship with AgnTho’s represents the first signed distributor agreement by RapID Lab with a major international marketing and sales partner. “We are very excited about our new relationship with AgnTho’s”, said Brett Swope, President of RapID Lab. “The European market represents a major marketing opportunity for RapID Tags which provide the most humane solution for automated ID of small laboratory animals”.

“AgnTho’s is proud to represent RapID Lab and their products in Scandinavia and EU”, said Johan Ring, President. “We truly believe that RapID Tags will greatly support researchers in their day-to-day work, contribute to animal welfare, and increase animal ID security.”

About RapID Lab
RapID Lab is a California based manufacturer and supplier of RapID Tags and associated products. RapID Tags are used by large and small laboratories which require automated (fast and accurate) identification of mice and other rodents used in research and studies. RapID Lab partners with animal breeders, study-management software developers, and sales and marketing channel partners. Additional information about RapID Lab and RapID Tags is available at www.RapidLab.com.

About AgnTho’s
AgnTho’s sells instruments and apparatus for the biomedical research industry. Established in 1996 and with background in research laboratories we have continued to develop, produce, market and sell high quality products. In our territory, we represent some of the major manufacturers of Life Science Products.

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