Looking for an alternative to cheap and inhumane metal ear tags? Or an alternative to expensive, but sophisticated RFID?
RapID Tags are the simplest and most cost effective way to make life easier for lab techs and automate your study data collection. RapID Tag’s scannable design provides instant identification with 100% accuracy.


Why Labs Are Switching To RapID Tags

  • Applies easily like a metal ear tag
  • Multi-colored for quick, visual ID
  • 100% accurate & scannable, like RFID
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Biologically-inert material causes less inflammation
  • Apply or remove in seconds
  • MRI and autoclave compatible

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See the Difference Colored Ear Tags Make

Colored ear tags eliminate the need to interpret IDs and allow lab technicians to visually differentiate cage mates or dosing groups without scanning. Data collection becomes much easier and more cost-effective.


Support From Implementation Onward

As a RapID Tag customer, you’ll have immediate and lifetime support from our staff. In addition to unlimited live support, the RapID Tags Starter Kit comes with training material and a best practices guide.


At-A-Glance Animal ID Comparison


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