Save Time. Eliminate Errors. Reduce Costs. Humanely.

Reduce Study Costs

  • 100% accuracy | Eliminate errors
  • Increase tech efficiency
  • Multiple colors for quick visual ID
  • Easily and instantly scanned
  • Minimal user training

Streamline Operations

  • Automate data collection
  • Reduce human error
  • Low cost automation
  • MRI and CT Compatible
  • Virtually indestructible

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RapID Tags – State-of-the-art Lab Identification

RapID Tags are virtually painless, humane, cost-effective mice ear tags providing fast and accurate lab animal identification. The most cost effective way to automate and reduce vivarium lab costs and data collection. RapID Tag’s innovative mouse tagging solution helps increase tech efficiency and trial capacity with minimal investment while reducing overall operational costs.


At-A-Glance Animal ID Comparison

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