Climb addresses the entire spectrum of in vivo drug discovery challenges in one integrated, scalable package. Designed by scientists and researchers with hands-on experience, Climb empowers your team to take control of their research and data- getting more science done!


Study Design and Management

  • Configurable for any research area
  • Reusable task design templates
  • Easily convey detailed task information and requirements
  • On-demand access to study data in real time

Scheduling and Resourcing

  • Complete end-to-end view of entire studies
  • Easily assign tasks, manage team workload, and view schedules
  • Timebound tasks ensure critical timepoints are met
  • Reschedule and reassign tasks as needed

Animal Colony Management

  • Robust filter and search capabilities
  • Easily track matings, births, pedigree, genotype, and more
  • Configurable cage cards
  • Record clinical observations with customizable alerts

Data Management

  • Harmonized, aggregated, searchable data
  • Easily export data for reports or visualization
  • Full audit trail
  • Robust RESTful APIs for integration with lab equipment and other platforms

Customer Support

  • Efficient and comprehensive onboarding
  • Customized training for your workflows
  • Responsive customer support team


Climb is the modern, cloud-native software solution for improving laboratory efficiencies and streamlining your in vivo workflows.

Ready to learn what Climb can do your for lab? Learn more and request a free, customized demo at!

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