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As part of RapID Lab's genuine dedication to the continued success of RapID Tags and its users, this support page has everything needed to get the most out of RapID Lab products. There are a number of helpful links below. If further assistance is needed, don't hesitate to contact the support team below.

RapID Tags Product Guide

This product guide is the first resource for a large amount of the information needed for the automated mouse ear tags. This guide contains a detailed description of the RapID Tags, it lays out the benefits, how the tags come packaged, and details the use of the application and removal tools. There are guidelines for introducing the tags to your facility, as well as self-certification criteria to ensure that all team members are properly trained on how to use the tags. Diagrams are included for reference, and the guide is available as a  downloadable PDF so that it can easily be printed and shared with the team.

RapID Tags Product Guide (PDF Download)

Scanner And Software Installation/Setup

This page details the best methods for setting up a scanner to use with the new RapID Tags. There are documents to help locate and configure the scanner currently being used. There is also a link to compatible scanners if there is a need to purchase a new one for the express purpose of using with the RapID Tags.

Scanner And Software Installation/Setup (click here for details)

RapID Tags Label Generator

This tool can create labels for everything associated with the lab animals. Cage card labels, specimen IDs, reports, etc. By scanning a lab animal ID tag or series of tags, you will be able to create unique labels based on the complete ID string.

RapID Tags Label Generator (click here to get started)

RapID Lab Custom Excel Template

This pre-formatted template is the perfect place to collect all lab animal data. After a short bit of preparation, simply scan the RapID Tags and the fields will populate as you go.

RapID Lab Custom Excel Template (Download And Use)

CT And MRI Compatibility Of RapID Tags

Just as it sounds, this PDF shows photographic evidence substantiating RapID Tags compatibility with both CT and MRI scanning equipment.

CT and MRI Compatibility of RapID Tags (PDF Download)

IACUC Guidelines

Download our IACUC SOP template for vivarium use. Feel free to modify to the specific laboratory's standards.

IACUC SOP Guidelines (MS Word)

ID Cost Comparison Calculator

Want to know how RapID Tags stack up compared to other methods? This calculator tool will illustrate the cost savings received when implementing the automated mouse ear tags in a research laboratory.

ID Cost Comparison Calculator (Excel Calculator) COMING SOON...

For all technical or support related inquiries, please email support@rapidlab.com detailing the question or any experienced issue. 



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